Based in the San Francisco, California Bay Area, iCommLaw represents competitive telecommunications carriers on transactional and business start-up issues, as well as litigationin state and federal courts throughout California and before state and federal agencies.  The firm has particular experience in representing competitive providers entering the market against larger incumbent carriers.  Clients include fixed wire line carriers, wireless carriers, VoIP providers, and broadband providers.  The firm provides comprehensive legal representation that encompasses the multiple and diverse issues facing communications providers, including the following:

Regulatory Certification and Compliance

Many innovative start-ups don't fit neatly into the existing regulatory paradigm, making experienced legal counsel all the more important to determine a strategy that identifies and maximizes the options to achieve their business objectives.  iCommLaw assists service providers in determining that best strategy for navigating, or avoiding, the regulatory maze.  When regulated status makes sense, iCommLaw will work with carriers on all aspects of regulatory compliance, certification, interconnection, rights-of way-access, and environmental review.


iCommLaw's litigation services include representation in federal courts as well as arbitrations, hearings and appeals before the FCC and state regulatory commissions.  The firm has a wealth of experience handling a diverse array of litigation matters, including disputes arising from the following: interconnection agreements, traffic termination agreements, tariff provisions, intercarrier bills, number porting, e911 services, rights-of-way access, pole attachments, and regulatory compliance.


Delivering end-to-end telecommunications and enhanced services often requires the involvement of multiple carriers to provide number resources, origination, transport, termination, protocol conversion and 911 services, via copper, fiber optic, coaxial, and wireless facilities.  iCommLaw has experience in negotiating all types of inter-carrier contracts, including interconnection agreements, traffic exchange agreements, dark fiber sale, lease and IRU agreements.

Facilities Deployment

Carriers must determine the best way to meet their facilities requirements: UNEs, third party leases, self-deployment, or a combination of all three.  Self-deployment of infrastructure creates a host of regulatory and land use issues, including tower sitting, pole attachments, last-mile and middle-mile access, rights-of-way access, private easements, municipal franchises, and environmental review. iCommLaw can help clients obtain all necessary permits, agreements and clearances for infrastructure deployment, and assist with community and governmental outreach to avoid or minimize local opposition.


Building the infrastructure necessary to meet customers' needs requires proper regulatory and environmental review and permitting.  iCommLaw has experience working with local and state agencies and government offices to obtain the necessary permits efficiently, with a minimum of delay.  Such permits include special use, conditional use, construction, and traffic control permits necessary to ensure the carrier can meet its commitments to customers in a timely manner.

iCommLaw's Broad Experience

iCommLaw has represented clients in front of a number of state and federal regulatory agencies, including the following:

The firm has handled numerous cases in federal courts and state public utilities commissions around the United States, including the following:

  • Qwest v. Broadvox, Inc. et al., Case No. 10-35177 (9th Circuit)
  • Qwest v. Broadvox, Inc. et al., Case No. 4:10-cv-134-A (N.D. Tex.)
  • Qwest v. Anovian, et al., Case No.  09-CV-01715 MAT (W.D.  Wash)
  • Pacific Bell d/b/a AT&T California v.  California Public Utilities Commission, Case No.  3:07-CV-01797-SI (N.D. Calif)
  • Metromedia Fiber Network Services v.  City of Berkeley, Case No.  C-01-0722-SI (N.D.  Calif)
  • Application of Pacific Fiber Link, L.L.C.  (U-6028-C) for Modification of its CPCN to Review Proponent's Environmental Assessment for Compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act ("CEQA"), Case No. A. 99-08-021.
  • Pasadena Neighborhood Coalition v. Altrio Communications, Case No.  C.02-11-053
  • Federal Communications Commission, In the Matter of Application by SBC Communications, Inc. for Provision of In-Region Services in Texas, CC Docket No. 00-4
  • Illinois Commerce Commission Docket 00-0393 (Line Sharing)
  • California Public Utilities Commission Docket R.93-04-003/I.93-04-002 (Line Sharing)
  • California Public Utilities Commission Docket R.95-04-043 (Collocation and Triennial Review phases)
  • California Public Utilities Commission Docket R.93-04-003/I.93-04-002/R.95-04-043/I.95-04-044 (Section 271 Compliance)
  • Public Utility Commission of Texas Docket No.  29175/28745 (Triennial Review Batch Hot Cuts/Loop Impairment Analysis)
  • Minnesota Public Utilities Commission Docket P-241/CI-02-293/OAH Docket No. 12-2500-14765-2 (Line Sharing Over DLC)
  • Michigan Public Service Commission Case No.  U-13891 (Triennial Review)
  • Public Utility Commission of Texas Docket No.  20226/20272

Seek Experienced Legal Representation

Given the complex regulatory landscape, it is critical for telecommunications carriers and service providers to be represented by a law firm that understands the technology supporting your offerings as well as the associated legal requirements.  Only by understanding both can a law firm help you determine the most effective strategy for navigating the multiple legal and regulatory issues that can help or hinder your business plans. To schedule a consultation, contact iCommLaw.

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