Based in the San Francisco, California Bay Area, iCommLaw provides comprehensive legal representation to content providers throughout the United States, encompassing mobile content, independent films, software development, and application development.  The firm fully understands the significant components of content development, and we serve as an internal and external advocate to ensure that all aspects of a development project - creative, technology, legal, and business - are effectively coordinated and addressed.

Intellectual Property Protection

Securing intellectual property rights is a crucial step in the content development process.  Creating mobile content and applications requires careful attention to protecting the property rights in the material you develop, as well as obtaining the right to use others' copyrighted materials, patents, source code, or encoding techniques.  For example, a mobile application might use content or patents produced by another website or entity.  Failing to secure all of the necessary IP rights through licensing or transfer can lead to costly litigation or threaten your ability to do business at all.  iCommLaw can advise you on all of the necessary steps to ensure that your intellectual property is protected.

Independent Films

Filmmaking requires a range of specialized contracts and legal permissions.  From pre-production through post-production, filmmakers will need to have in place a multitude of business agreements with investors, talent, producers, crewmembers, service and equipment providers, craft, distributors, and marketers.  Contracts are also required to secure story, music and visual rights, clearances for use of copyrighted or trademarked materials, releases from persons appearing in the film, as well as obtaining all of the proper permits, releases and licenses from governmental and private entities for location shooting.  iCommLaw assists content creators with drafting all of the necessary contracts and securing permits to ensure that a project proceeds smoothly, on schedule and within budget.

Intellectual Property Licensing

Mobile content and application developers, filmmakers, and other creators of intellectual property may want to license their works to third parties.  A license grants specific rights for a third party to use your intellectual property while you retain ownership.  Important elements of a license agreement include whether the use will be exclusive, the field of use, the territory within which the property may be used, modifications to the property, royalty payments, and term of the agreement.  iCommLaw can help you determine the scope of rights you want to license to a third party, and will ensure that your rights as the property owner are fully protected.

Contact Experienced Legal Representation

Whether you are a producer of mobile content and applications, or an independent filmmaker, a project is unlikely to succeed without first securing all of the necessary intellectual property, permitting, and other development rights.  iCommLaw's broad experience with contractual and permitting issues enables the firm to assist you effectively with all of your legal needs throughout your project.  To schedule a consultation to discuss your projects, contact iCommLaw.

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