Broadband and Mobile Data Growth Creates New Set of Disputes

Industry analysts predict that growth in the telecom sector will be fueled primarily through increases in broadband and mobile data revenues. Capitalizing on this growth opportunity however, will require deployment of new network infrastructure and, systems, and intercarrier agreements to address new mechanisms to charge for bandwidth allocation and traffic termination. But deploying the infrastructure,and negotiating intercarrier agreements to handle these evolving new services frequently leads to legal disputes on a diverse set of issues, including:

  • Rights of way
  • Network neutrality
  • Intercarrier compensation
  • Permitting
  • Environmental reviews
  • Pole attachments
  • Number porting
  • Network quality and reliability
  • Intellectual property infringement
  • Privacy
  • Each of these telecommunications issues can be a source of dispute, and therefore, litigation.

    Telecom Litigation to Ensure Your QoS

    Connectivity is the driving force behind capturing broadband services revenues. Existing contracts may not keep pace with the evolving set of infrastructure, intercarrier compensation, intellectual property, and consumer privacy issues.

    iCommLaw can help. Based in the San Francisco, California Bay Area, our unique law firm combines technical and legal expertise to counsel telecommunications clients nationally and internationally in a rapidly changing telecom environment.

    The firm represents clients in arbitration and litigation hearings in federal courts in California and other states before state public utilities commissions throughout the United States and federal agencies such as the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

    Rapidly Changing Telecom Requires Dynamic Legal Representation

    The FCC's role in promoting broadband deployment, ensuring access to rights of way, and possible oversight of broadband and IP-based services causing widespread debate in the challenging current environment. At iCommLaw, we keep abreast of regulatory proceedings and changes discussed, debated, or implemented by the FCC and state regulators. It is our job to keep our clients informed of legal changes and the effect on their business. When disputes arise and your case requires litigation, we can be your best resource.

    Seek Experienced Legal Representation

    Given the complex regulatory landscape, it is critical for telecommunications carriers and service providers to be represented by a law firm that understands both the necessary technology and regulation and that has policy expertise, and litigation experience. Only by understanding all aspects of telecommunications law can a legal counsel help you determine the most effective strategy for litigating the multiple legal and regulatory issues that can help or hinder your business and service plans.

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