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Based in the San Francisco, California Bay Area, iCommLaw is a unique firm that combines both technical and legal expertise to counsel telecommunications clients nationally and internationally, including competitive carriers, VoIP providers, content providers, and Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and state public utilities commissions throughout the United States.  The firm also assists clients in billing disputes and contractual disputes.  For more information about the firm's cases of note in both court and administrative proceedings, please see the carrier issues page.

Land Use

The firm has a wealth of experience handling land use matters related to telecommunications facilities deployment.  This includes assisting providers and technology companies with obtaining private rights-of-way and easements, sitting wireless antennas and towers, placing utility poles, securing permits for construction projects, negotiating pole attachments, and assisting clients with environmental compliance and review issues at both the state and federal levels.

Regulatory Compliance

Telecommunications providers are subject to a complex set of federal, state, and local telecommunications regulations.  Some providers must obtain federal or state certification and publish tariffs before starting operations while others are unregulated and require no licensing or regulatory approval.  Some types of transactions cannot finalize without regulatory approval.  Specific regulatory status is required for access to public rights of way, interconnection agreements, and pole attachments.  iCommLaw assists clients in navigating the confusing regulatory maze from start-up requirements, to mature stage compliance issues, at the state and federal levels.

Intellectual Property

For mobile content providers, independent filmmakers, software and application developers, and other content creators, protecting their intellectual property rights is a crucial priority.  iCommLaw assists content providers with obtaining the necessary licensing rights and enforcing their existing intellectual property rights.


Many of the firm's clients do business at least partially on the Internet.  Internet technology progresses quickly, and the law is often several years behind.  Thorough legal representation is necessary to enable providers can fully harness the power of the Internet as a marketing and distribution tool while protecting business operations and intellectual property.  iCommLaw assists clients with e-commerce issues including compliance with state and federal commercial and privacy laws, intellectual property licensing agreements, and mobile content development and distribution agreements.

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Whether you are a telecommunications carrier, content provider, or end user, it is critical to obtain representation from a firm that understands the technology behind your business well as all of the related legal issues.  To schedule a consultation, contact iCommLaw today.

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