One of the areas that iCommLaw is known for is successfully guiding telecommunications startup companies. iCommLaw has a solid understanding of the law, as well as applicable FCC and state commission rulings and procedures. The firm can analyze your situation to determine whether your service offerings are subject to regulation, and if so, to effectively move your company toward full compliance and operational status as quickly as possible. The firm can provide you with a blueprint of compliance with applicable state and federal regulations.

iCommLaw can assist the following type of companies:

  • Facilities-based or resale telecom service providers
  • Telecom equipment manufacturer
  • Wireless providers (Cellular, WiFi, WiMax, 4G)
  • ISPs
  • VoIP providers
  • Mobile content providers
  • Application developers
  • Information service providers

A skilled telecommunications law firm can make a difference

Whether your start-up company is seeking to attract investment, leverage its business, or needs advice on day-to-day corporate governance, iCommLaw has the knowledge and skills to assist you. When you are involved in a complex start-up, you need the steady and knowledgeable force of an experienced telecommunications law firm behind you.

The attorney you hire can make a critical difference. iCommLaw has a proven track record in assisting telecommunications startups. Some areas we can assist with include the following:

  • Acquisition
  • Business entity creation
  • Corporate governance counseling
  • Market entry issues
  • Regulatory compliance problems
  • Dissolution
  • Equipment, products, and services
  • Corporate finance, including public and private equity, venture and angel financings
  • Strategic and financial planning
  • Wireless site acquisition
  • Environmental due diligence
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Joint development and marketing agreements
  • Zoning issues
    Real estate, tower, and building access agreements
  • Land use permits and variances
  • Appeals of permit denials
  • Pole attachment
  • Municipal license and franchise agreements
  • Right-of-way access agreements
  • Software licenses and all other intellectual property issues
  • Fiber swaps
  • Tariffing
Seek representation by an experienced telecommunications attorney

Whether you are a start-up or mature phase provider or end user, it is critical to obtain representation from a firm that understands the technology behind your business as well as all of the related legal issues. iCommLaw can assist you with all types of regulatory compliance, auditing, billing, and reporting services at the state and federal level. To schedule a consultation, contact iCommLaw today. We serve telecommunications clients nationwide and have the type of proven results that you need.

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  • Internet Service Providers
  • Mobile Content Providers
  • Independent Filmmakers
  • Telecommunications Users