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iCommLaw has the type of extensive experience that telecommunications clients need and use to effectively thread through the maze of regulations and keep commerce flowing. The firm handles all types of compliance and assists clients in obtaining telecommunication licenses and authorizations, including interstate services and registrations, and state licenses and registrations. We provide skilled telecommunications assistance to clients nationwide.

Assistance with identifying and complying with regulatory requirements from a telecommunications law firm

Almost every state has regulations and rules that require telecommunications carriers to submit annual operational and financial reports, tariff updates, outage reports and customer-specific contracts, in addition to assessing and remitting state-specific surcharges. Some of these reports require the submission of highly confidential information. States such as California have enacted or are considering additional reports or public education campaigns regarding 911, backup power and billing disputes.

For telecommunications carriers operating in multiple states, these compliance requirements can be daunting. iCommLaw has the expertise to assist carriers in ensuring compliance in every state and at the FCC. Examples of state and federal reports that we can assist with include:

  • Annual interstate and intrastate revenue
  • Affiliate transactions
  • State surcharges for high cost areas, advanced services, disabled customer devices, universal service funds
  • Outage reports for major and minor network outages
  • Submission of off-tariff customer specific contracts
  • Customer transfer notices
  • Tariff updates/detariffing
  • Voluntary and involuntary market exits
  • CPNI annual certification
  • PIU reports and certification
  • Broadband and local competition reports
  • Universal Service Fund reports
  • E-911 compliance
  • Quality of service reports
Seek representation by an experienced telecommunications attorney

Whether you are a telecommunications carrier, content provider, or end user, it is critical to obtain representation from a firm that understands the technology behind your business as well as all of the related legal issues. iCommLaw can assist you with all types of regulatory compliance and reporting services at the state and federal level. To schedule a consultation, contact iCommLaw today. We serve telecommunications clients nationwide and have the type of proven results that you need.

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